djMEESH started dj'ing in 1992, and started a career performing professionally in 1993, 31 years ago. He started as an aprentice DJ to djFrizz (Evan Lim) at Scandals Nightclub in Eugene Oregon. After Frizz's departure in 1994, djMEESH known at the time as dj MiKS, took over as his backup, along with Erik S. and Mike H. During that time he had started djing in Tokyo, Japan, and at special events in Saudi Arabia. He also was a founding member of DA Shabab Club, and was the lead DJ for it along with dj SHOOP.

In 1997 djMiKS took over as resident DJ for Scandals, along with dj Michael Vargas and created HOTTMIXX Entertainment. And in 1999, after dj'ing the international circuits, changed his name to djMEESH, that has since been his trademark professional name.