Playing by the rules

So, I am the type of person who usually plays by the rules. Especially when it comes to my job, or my livelihood.
Yes, I break the rules maybe in my daily life, and in social situations in order to make it easy, and lets face it… to get what I want.

But recently I have found myself in a position where all of a sudden I am perplexed with, why at this stage of my career, am I still playing by the rules that the younger generation are NOT playing by.

The situation has gotten so absurd in the present social media age, that I feel like I am loosing out on my edge in a media frenzied society, because I personally cannot post any public photos of me. How weird.

My photos are out on the World Wide Web, but because it is me… “I” am not allowed to say it is me. Anybody else can say it is me… But then guess who gets interrogated with why does said person know that is me?

When does one just say what the heck, everyone else does it, why not me? This is the age of social media, and the sad fact is that if you disappear out of the public eye for too long (now a matter of months), your 10 years of hard work is down the drain and you almost have to start from scratch.

Sad, when you cannot be proud of what you do, especially when you do it so well.

Alas, one day you all will understand.

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