A project I am DREDDing

So here it is. Back in September I saw a Movie. I went alone simply because nobody else wanted to come with me.
See, Back in college I remember asking someone out to go see a movie with the same name and charecter (You know A movie YOU know you will like but no clue if your date will, you just kind of hope… and keep your fingers crossed…) well that didn’t work.

If you are lost as to what that movie was back in the 90s it was Judge Dredd, with Sly Stallone. I like Stallone, just didn’t have a good bout with that one.
Almost 20 years later, DREDD came out, and it was dark, and gritty, and I had no idea who the actors where. I digress, I was so gity when I came out of the 2012 release, and remember talking to a group who watched it behind me… All we can say was “Now that was Dredd!”

The two version

The two version

I went to my show, and talked to one of my co-producers for the Sunday bash (Shameless plug) Kevin, who is a mad fan of Dredd, and begged him to see it so we can talk about it, as he too was scarred by the 1995 version. Yeah, he saw it and all we can say was how cool he was, how cool the costume was, how cool the darkness was, and how kick-ass and forget taking names it was.

If the Hollywood gods where my witness, I would say THIS is your Robocop guys. It reminded me of Robocop. Dry humor, and un-stoppable disbursement of Justice. I went home and tried to find any and all pictures of Dredd, and even made Kevin a Cover with his Name and Badge on it or Facebook… He still has it up as of today, lol.

But here it is… Today I made the commitment to the Hall of Justice (Not the DC one), and will embark on a journey to create my very own Judge. And dang it, I hope I don’t regret it.

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