Wrong Model?

When I saw the trailer for super 8 the first time, I cracked a smile when a 2 second shot caught my eye, it was so quick and I remember asking my friends if they noticed The Tie Fighter? A select few said yes.

Super 8 Tie Fighter

It was a shot of a hanging Tie fighter advanced model, (or as most people know it as Darth Vader’s Tie fighter).

I went to see the movie this weekend, and I liked it, the idea that any apparent movie/scifi/horror geek, would totally be into Star Wars in the summer of 1979. Especially a model maker like Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney).

When I actually saw the scene I was completely drawn in, and my own childhood was reborn, memories of movies like ET etc. It was a great experience.

But something wasn’t right, Something struck me as off. Not that it bothered me in any shape or form, it was that feeling where your mind was cranking on something, and you have no idea what it was.

After I left the theatre, I realized what it was, and shook my head in a realization of what a friend just told me, and informed me that I may be too geeky for my own good.

I know a lot about a lot of things, and specific details of geekdome that is probably more than the average Joe knows. By far not as much as the “Great Zorlack” <- That one is for DmcC. But why do these random facts stick out?

How much has my childhood effected me, and how involved was my imagination at a young age? That when I watch a movie, over 30 years later that takes me back to that age of fantasy, do I notice that the tie fighter is the incorrect color?

It hit me that at some point in time, colors changed. I noticed that my old tie fighter models were all white. Today most all models are blue. and there it was.

The strength of how one movie can bring back so many memories, and events of my life that strung together a logic and flashbacks of the craziest and far out memories. From Saudi, to Universal Studios Orlando (Where I noticed the change in colors for the first time) to Toys R Us in Eugene, where I was looking for a new tie fighter to replace a lost wing.

3 separate memories from different points of my life, all from a super short scene from a movie. An event that will open my eyes to a part of me that was only subconscious for a long time.

I LOVE MOVIE MAKING!!! On a personal level on so many occasions.

TIE advanced

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