You’re cute

This weekend I got a most needed boost to my ego. As my life’s hardships have started to take its toll on me lately, I can’t help but go back to basics and be positive.

No matter how hard things are getting in anyone’s life I always have to remember someone has it harder… And I should be thankful I am not dead yet. Okay that sounded very morbid, but you know I have come to the conclusion that I have some pretty damn important goals that I need to accomplish in my life. Doesn’t everybody?

As usual I went off track. As many probably noticed I had to shave my head 3 weeks ago, and the result was interesting, the feedback was phenomenal, and kind. But to my everlasting self esteem issues, the white hairs and thinning hair patch ( even tho nobody else notices… I DO) I went ahead and bought a hat. Not a cap, a hat. To be exact it’s a leather hat that Dr. jones would be proud of.


So, I wear this hat everywhere. Almost all the time (almost because I don’t wear it to sleep), and hey, I got used to it, and getting good feedback still… The Hight of this was yesterday as I was driving on the freeway, and a car next to me passed me. And changed lanes ahead of me back into my lane, as any car on the freeway would do when passing another car. I did not pay much attention to this until the said car changed lanes again into the fast lane, and started slowing down. I went to the extreme right lane in case they were having car trouble and went along my business.

2 minutes later I noticed a car creeping up my left side, and matched my speed, I gave this person a curious look, and she looked back at me with a smile. It was then I noticed a sign she was holding up that she wrote “you’re cute”. I bursted into laughter, she and the driver waved goodbye. , and went off. I haven’t felt this flattered in a long time, until the car slowed down again, and a new sign said, “no seriously. Hat is gr8 & sxy”. They blew me a kiss and drove off again, exiting at the next exit.

I had thought about following them, but alas, what I got was enough to keep me going for a while. Strange things happen in the strangest places, the strangest times, and in the strangest ways. It is all a different way of the universe telling me “Hey! Get out of your head silly!”.

Who those girls were I will never know, and yes they were gorgeous, but I guess I’m really not there at the moment.

One day at a time, I guess.

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